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Fire Protection equipment

Fire Protection Cabinets

Fire Protection Cabinets

Fire strikes unexpectedly and can have disastrous results. Guardwel Fire Protection Cabinets answer your needs for protection against fire. Designed and manufactured by a team of experts with experience of over quarter of a century in the field, the Guardwel Fire Protection Cabinets provide the ultimate safety for valued information accumulated over the years.  Each of these cabinets go through stringent quality tests, burglary, fire and impact tests so that they are not just unpickable but also beyond destruction by fire.


The Guardwel Fire Protection cabinets have a double wall construction with fire
resistant compound in between. To minimise the conductivity of heat, the sheet metal thickness is maintained at the minimum possible and reinforced at vital places to enable the cabinets to withstand the impact of fall.

These cabinets provide the largest storage space with an internal volume of 0.59 cu.mtrs (20.8 They are provided with 4 adjustable shelves, sliding file racks can be provided as additional fittings. Poured cement type insulating material forms a monolithic barrier and does not powder, flake or break on curing.

The tongue and the groove construction between the door and body jambs prevents the passage of hot gases and flames into the cabinets. The door is secured in the body by means of eight shooting bolts i.e 3 nos on each vertical sides and one each on top and bottom. The movement of bolts is locked by specially manufactured at 6 lever dual control key lock, with duplicate stainless steel keys. The cabinet has a modern sleek look and fits on to any decor.











Kgs Lbs


1875 mm

825 mm

710 mm

1635 mm

660 mm

545 mm





64 3/8"




Problem: With the onset of economic liberalization and the greater availability of consumer credit, a host of Finance Companies came into existence offering loans for purchase of almost anything from cars and refrigerators, televisions etc. The post dated cheques collected needed to be housed in some form in the Fire Resistant Storage System .One product available in the market was the Fire Resistant record cabinet or Fire Protection Cabinet. (A cupboard like structure with shelves). Storage in these units wasted a lot of expensive space and retrieval of cheques was difficult.

The Guardwel Solution: The Guardwel Fire Protection Cabinet was fitted with drawers of approximate 4.75" internal height (cheques height being 4") making for optimum utilization of space within the unit and easy retrieval. This product also proved to be a hit with almost every finance company in the country.

Fire Protection Cabinet

Fire Protection Cabinet
We bring forth an immaculate range of Fire Protection Cabinets. These Fire Protection Cabinets are meticulously designed in such a manner to provide maximum safety against fire, so that the important documents can be saved. Apart from this, these Fire Protection Cabinets are subjected to burglary, fire and impact tests to confirm their quality.
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